Admission to our School

Parents who are interested in their children joining our school from Foundation stage, are welcomed as part of an initial visit, led by the the Headteacher, who will be delighted to give a tour and explain how our school can provide for your child.

Parents wishing to apply for a school place for the first time should apply by the closing date in the academic year of their child’s 4th birthday. For example, for the academic year 2019/2020, places will be offered to children whose birth date falls between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015.  Applications had to be made between 1 October 2018 and 15 January 2019.   Parents will be notified of their child’s placement on or around 16 April 2019.  (Late applications can still be made outside of these dates but need to be via post or email). Over-subscription criteria can be found in the Admissions Policy.

Click here for 2019-2020 Admissions Policy

For parents of children wishing to join the school at any other time, for example having recently moved into the area during the middle of a school year, parents are invited to contact the school to arrange a mutually convenient date to visit.  If you would like to know if we have space for your child, please ring the school or the local authority admission team for up to date information.

If you would like to enrol your child at the school,  please contact the West Berkshire Council Admissions Team by calling 01635 519780 or via email   The Local Authority manage our admission process and will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance on how to make an application. 

Click here for  West Berkshire Admissions page.

Click here for West Berkshire School Admission Guide

Once a child has been offered a place at the school, a visit by your child and ‘taster’ days are normally arranged.  This helps them to settle into the school and become familiar with teachers and the layout of the school, as well as making new friends.  As a school, we place high importance on the pastoral care as well as the academic care of all of our pupils.

We are proud to welcome children and families into our happy, hard working school where children learn to live and live to learn together.

Open Days – Prospective September 2020 Parents

There are no scheduled open days currently. Contact the office for further information.

Meet our Headteacher and see our fantastic school in action. Please email or call 01491 872399 to confirm your attendance.


Streatley Primary School recognises, values and respects each student’s individuality.

We believe that every student is entitled to the highest possible quality of education and consequently place an extremely high priority on excellent attendance. We celebrate achievement and recognise that regular school attendance is a critical contributory factor to a productive and successful career. Full and/or improved attendance will be actively promoted and encouraged for all of our students. Irregular attendance undermines the student, school and the community as a whole; it can impair academic progress and may place pupils at risk of involvement in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour


In order for the philosophy of this school to effectively work in practice, several expectations are placed upon all those involved:

Our expectations of Pupils

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Arrive on time for all lessons and be appropriately prepared for the school day.
  • Inform a member of staff of any problem that may hinder their attendance at school.
  • Be equipped and ready to learn.

Our expectations of Parents

  • Contact the school whenever their child is unable to attend school .
  • Ensure that their children arrive on time and are well prepared for the school day.
  • Keep in contact with school with confidence and inform the appropriate member of staff if any problem occurs which may hinder their child’s regular attendance or behaviour in school.
  • Seek to attend meetings in school to discuss their child.
  • Where improvements are not made and children have persistent absence, the school will contact parents via letter asking for an improvement and explanation of low attendance.

Authorised Absence – is defined as:

  • When a pupil is absent as a result of illness and an acceptable explanation has been received
  • Religious Observance
  • Where a child has had a fixed term exclusion from school
  • Medical/dental appointments (sight of appointment card should be requested).
  • Appointments should be made outside of school hours wherever possible and the minimum amount of time should be taken.
  • Exceptional circumstances (unavoidable absence) this does not include holidays taken in term time.