Our School Mission

Our mission outlines our aspiration for the school and summarises how we intend to achieve it. It focuses on our children’s development and provides consistent direction for all aspects of school life:

We aim to provide a positive, inspiring and rewarding learning experience that enables all children to develop and reach their potential, and prepares them for their next stage of learning and life. Our children are central to everything we do and we aim to understand their individual needs, abilities and passions. We will nurture each child’s academic and wider development, through a personalised learning experience with a balance of guidance, encouragement, challenge and inspiration. In accordance with the Anglican foundation of the school, Christian faith will permeate all aspects of school life, providing a solid foundation for our children’s development through strong and lasting values. The whole school team strives to maintain a happy, inclusive and safe environment for all. Our school will make a valued contribution to and bean integral part of the wider community.

Guiding Principles outline the key areas of focus for us to achieve our mission, providing a framework for our school development and long term plan.

These are: 

  • Striving for excellence in teaching, learning and achievement in all aspects of our pupils’ development
  • Strong leadership & management to provide clear direction & continual improvement
  • Strong Christian ethos that permeates all aspects of school life
  • Community partnership between pupils, teachers, parents, governors and the wider community, working together
  • Clear communication that is relevant and timely between all linked to the school
  • Creating a happy and positive environment that is attractive to all, creates confidence and is valued by the community

Our school values 

  • Respectful,
  • Responsible,
  • Honest and Open,
  • Reflective,
  • Disciplined,
  • Forgiving,
  • Enthusiastic and Inclusive.

Please have a look at our Mission, Guiding Principles and Values summary here.