School Policies

All our  school policies are available from the office.  Here are some of the policies we think you may find useful.  If you have any questions or require any advice, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office where we will be pleased to help you.

Impact of Pupil Premium

This annual report to Parents & Guardians for 2015- 2016 outlines the impact of the pupil premium funding. This report aims to share progress in diminishing the difference between pupil premium funded children and non funded children. You can read the impact of pupil premium funding here.

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

This document sets out the School’s policy on pupil behaviour, describing the  strategies that we will use to encourage good behaviour, and discourage the bad.   It also explains our anti-bullying strategies.  This policy was adopted in May 2013, and is reviewed in full by the Governing Body. Staff review this each September.
Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy

Charging and Remissions

This policy explains our system for charging and remissions, as well as the circumstances in which we may ask for voluntary contributions from parents.  It has been approved in full by the Governing Body and is reviewed every two years.
You can read the Charging and Remissions Policy here.

Complaints Procedure

This document sets out the procedure used to  make a complaint about something that has happened at School. It is reviewed annually. You can read the complaints procedure and policy here.

School Complaints Procedure          School Complaints Policy


This policy explains the School’s approach to financial control, roles and responsibilities, and delegation of authority for expenditure. It is reviewed every two years .
You can read the Finance Policy here.

Governor Visits

We encourage our Governors to visit the School regularly, and this policy explains how they should approach those visits, what they’re for, and what Governors should do during and after them. It is reviewed every two years.
You can read the Governor Visits Policy here.

Home School Agreement

Every family is provided with a copy of this document when their child joins the School. It explains what is expected of the School, Parents and Pupils.  It is reviewed annually.
You can read the Home School Agreement here.


The School has a statutory responsibility to safeguard the children in its care. This policy explains how we do that. It is reviewed annually.
You can read the Safeguarding Policy here.

All staff and governors have recently the updated ‘Keeping Children Safe’. September 2016

Sex and Relationships

This sets out our policy, which is reviewed every two years.
You can read the Sex and Relationships Policy here.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

This policy sets out our approach to SEN, which the School takes very seriously. It is reviewed on an annual basis.
You can read the SEN policy here.

SEN Policy

Equality Objectives

This document sets out our equality objectives, which are reviewed every four years.
You can read our Our Equality Objectives  here.