School Staff


  • Miss Roberts

Teaching Staff

  • Foundation Stage Teacher: Mrs Skinner
  • Year 1/2 Teachers: Mrs Williams (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Fenwick-Stubbs (Wednesday -Friday)
  • Year 3/4 Teacher: Miss Glynn
  • Year 5/6 Teacher: Mr White

Teaching Assistants (TA) in the school work with all teachers and year groups to provide the best possible support, to meet the needs of the pupils and the school.

They are:

  • Mrs Goyder
  • Mrs Dellowe
  • Mr Corbett

Sports Specialists

  • Mr Meakin
  • Mr Pulston
  • Mr Weatherstone


  • Acting role: Miss Roberts

School Business Manager

  • Mrs Thornton (Monday-Wednesday and Friday)

School  Data Administrator

  • Mrs Deidre Van Der Waag Thursday and Friday

Lunchtime Support 

  • Mrs Bassett
  • Mrs Spearing (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Mrs Harrow 


  • Catering provided by I.S.S.  (Our cook is Mrs Sarah Stock, her General Assistant is Mrs Ruki Lookmanjee).


  • Ms Victoria Hignell
  • Mr David Tipping

Parents, Friends and Governors

We welcome parents into the school and encourage them to become involved in pupils’ learning. Teaching staff are assisted by very enthusiastic parents, governors and friends of the school who help with group reading sessions and mental maths groups on a weekly basis as well as with extra-curricular clubs and school trips.