School Staff


  • Miss Roberts

Teaching Staff

  • Foundation Stage Teacher: Miss Hooker
  • Year 1/2 Teachers: Mrs Williams (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Fenwick-Stubbs (Wednesday -Friday)
  • Year 3/4 Teacher: Miss Glynn
  • Year 5/6 Teacher: Mr White

Teaching Assistants (TA) in the school work with all teachers and year groups to provide the best possible support, to meet the needs of the pupils and the school.

They are:

  • Mrs Webb 
  • Mrs Horohan
  • Mrs Gadhok
  • Mrs Dellowe (SEN intervention lead)
  • Mr Field

Sports Specialist

  • Mr Field

Music Specialists

  • Mr Russell
  • Mrs Davies
  • Ms Minien

Art Enthusiast

  • Mrs Dellowe

French Teacher

  • Ms Spearing


  • Miss Roberts and Mrs Zakary (Fixed term support)


Non-Teaching Staff

School Data Administrator

  • Mrs Slade

Monday, Tuesday 9:00-11:30am, Wednesday 8:30am -3:30pm, Friday 11:00-3:30pm

Lunchtime Support 

  • Mrs Bassett
  • Mrs Harrow 
  • Mrs Francis
  • Mrs Kulkarni
  • Mr Field – Sports Leader


  • Catering provided by I.S.S. 


  • Ms Victoria Hignell
  • Mr David Tipping

Parents, Friends and Governors

We welcome parents into the school and encourage them to become involved in pupils’ learning. Teaching staff are assisted by very enthusiastic parents, governors and friends of the school who help with school trips and fundraising events.