Governors 2016-2017

The Governing Board for Streatley C of E Primary School consists of  eleven people appointed from the community, by the Local Authority, Foundation and Staff  Governors.  Each brings their own perspective, skills and experience to the team.  We are united in the firm belief that Streatley School is a wonderful primary school and there are no limits to what it can achieve.  We all live in and around Goring and Streatley, and enjoy being part of the wider community as well as members of the Streatley family.

As Governors, our role is to set out the vision, values and strategy for our School and make sure that these are delivered.  We also have statutory duties, for example to ensure that children are safe while they are in our School and to run our finances responsibly.  There is a phrase, “Critical Friend”, which captures  the way we behave as a Governing Body – we are there to support the Headteacher and the Staff, but also to question and challenge, where appropriate, because ultimately we are accountable for the School as a whole.

We meet as a full governing body six times a year and run a series of committees, which plays to the strengths of each individual governor.  We are all “link governors” with responsibility for a part of the curriculum.  To successfully perform our role as a governing body, including our individually assigned Governor responsibilities, we make frequent visits to the school, by appointment.

We take pride in the fact that we know our school well and have a close working relationship with Miss Roberts and the team.  In carrying out our responsibilities as a Governing Body, we aim to engage with everyone connected with the school, from pupils, parents, teachers, the church and wider community.

We like to engage with school activities and functions where possible, such as  musical and theatrical productions, the summer fete, assemblies, church services, not to mention the now legendary Easter Egg Rolling down Lardon Chase.

Our names, and appointments, are listed below.

Chair of Governors (and Foundation Governor)

  • Chris Shannon

Vice-Chair (and Co Opted Governor)

  • Andy May (Chair Curriculum and Standards Committee)

Parent Governors

  • Michael Baker
  • Dan Lowery (Chair Finance and Staffing Committee)
  • Jeremy Waite

Local Authority (LA) Governor

  • Mavis Law

Co Opted Governor

  • Melanie Meade

Foundation Governor

  • Vicar Paul Boughton

Staff Governors

  • Lesley Roberts (Headteacher)
  • Helen Riddett (will be covered by another member of staff in Mrs Riddett’s absence).

Parents are welcome to contact us, and can do so by getting in touch with the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Bass, via the School Office: by telephone 01491 872399 or by email

Mrs Bass can also supply copies of minutes from governor meetings to anyone who wishes to view them.

Apart from the staff, we are all volunteers and give up our time because we think that it takes a whole community to help our school be the best it can be.  We are proud of the many parents and local people who already help our school.

We encourage everyone who wants to get involved.  If you think you can spare some time, whether it’s for group reading, doing a bit of gardening around the pond, helping out in class or on special projects, then please get in touch with Deidre or Carmel Thornton, School Business Manager, at the address and telephone number above.