Welcome to Year 1 & 2 Home Learning

The Year 1/2 Team wish you all a wonderful summer
and we look forward to welcoming you back again in September.

More details about the start of next year will be posted
towards the end of the summer holidays.

Please find the home learning work for all of the remaining weeks of term below. There is work provided for the two days (each week) that your child is not in school. If you need more activities, please use the BBC bitesize learning links at the top of the document. We will continue setting you Wellbeing Wednesday tasks each week too (see Padlet link).

Year 1 and 2 Home learning- Weeks 14-16

Wellbeing Wednesday Padlet (Infants Edition)


Year 1 and 2 Week 13 22nd June

Wellbeing Wednesday Padlet (Infants Edition)

Message from Mr White  – OLYMPIC CHALLENGE! It is going to be very warm this week, so let’s get outside and complete these great and unique (fencing is one!) challenges.

The videos on the Activity Card are a great quick guide for parents. Remember to send your best scores to Mrs Slade (soffice@sps.w-berks.sch.uk) and she’ll get them to me! Good Luck!

Berkshire Virtual Games Activity Card – Week 7 – Olympics

Berkshire Virtual Games Guidance Notes – Week  7 – Olympics

Year 1 and 2 Week 12 15th June

Message from Mr White – Year 2, Streatley needs you! This week’s challenge is slightly different (much easier to set up!) as you need very minimal equipment and is just 1 challenge to repeat 3 times and submit your best score! It’s a small circuit exercise. Check the activity card below for details and support videos!

Berkshire Virtual Games Activity Card – Enduro Challenge!


Additional Learning Opportunities:

Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS)

  • Yr 1 Focus for Summer Term 2. – To know the number bonds to 20
  • Yr 2  Focus for Summer Term 2 –  To tell the time to the nearest 5mins (analogue clock)


  • Keep Reading a wide variety of books and texts.
  • We have been recently focusing on the Comprehension of texts, so don’t forget to discuss your reading with an adult- how much do you understand about what you have read? Were there any words that you didn’t understand? Could you do a book review of a book you have enjoyed?
  • See Link below for free access to online reading scheme books for the children to read books at the appropriate level for them. There is also parent guidance for how best to support your child with their reading.
  • Storytime with Nick is also a great resource. You can search for it within youtube.
  • Other useful links may be the following book lists ( one for each year group)





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