Welcome to Year 1 & 2!

Welcome to year 1 and 2.  Mrs. Hartley teaches the class on Monday to Thursday and Mrs. Williams teaches the class on Friday. See the school’s e-learning tab for supporting your child.

We are supported in class by teaching assistants Mr Corbett and Miss Shillabeer.

What happened in our classroom?

After break the children discovered that this had happened in our classroom!

Who or what has been in class?

Who or what has been in class?

We were detectives and went looking for clues……

Aah look at this!

Aah look at this!

We found a giant dinosaur egg and a giant footprint leading to the wood! What could it be? The children were very excited and showed excellent investigative skills. This was a very exciting launch to our new topic for this term – Dinosaur Planet!


Dinosaur Planet

Should the children wish to bring any books or artefacts relating to our topic into school, they are most welcome to do so.

Thermal Thursday

Please can you ensure that your child has their Thermal Thursday kit in school on Thursdays as we will be venturing into the woods next week. Unfortunately any child who does not have the appropriate clothing will not be able to go.


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