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Parents Information Evening – September 2014


There are 31 children in our class ranging from 7 to 9 years old.graffiti This term our topic is Cool Stuff!  This fun topic will include the study of  urban art and graffiti.  We will also be looking at skateboards and hi-tech household gadgets.  Later in the term we will be moving onto the world of Espionage.

In Literacy we will be studying and writing persuasive texts asking ‘Graffiti, is it art or Vandalism?’  The children will be creating their own spy manual complete with their personally designed spy gadgets.   They will complete the unit by writing their own adventure and mystery story.  Linked to the end of year play the children will learn the conventions of playscripts and write their own.

In maths, the children will be working on solving maths problems linked to everyday life, and solving and creating mathematical puzzles.  The unit will also cover addition and subtraction problems using money, and consolidating the maths skills they have learnt over the year.

In Science our unit is ‘What do plants need to grow well?’  and ‘Why are habitats important?’  The children will have the opportunity to plant their own seeds and carry out experiments to identify what a plant needs to grow successfully.  Visits to Streatley Woods and the school field will enable us to study the different habits around us and find out the homes of a variety of creatures.

We will have some fun in Art and Design and Technology creating our own graffiti tags which we will print onto a T-shirt.  Wood working skills will be put into play creating and designing our own skateboards.  The class will endeavour to create its own graffiti wall!

In History and Geography, we will be looking at Russia and the Cold War and events during the mid 20th century.

Using ICT the children will design their own spy gadgets and make their own using lego technic and other materials.

The children will be continuing in their Spanish studies.  This term we will be focusing on the geography of Spain and its different regions.  we will also cover topics such as the weather, animals, and food.



How you can help your child at home this term

  • Reading - Read as much as possible from a variety of text types
  • Writing – Focus on accurate punctuation to help meaning and a good layout of text
  • Maths – Learning times tables to 12 and knowing the appropriate division facts

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