Welcome to Year 3 & 4 2020/21

We are a class of 30 children with our teacher Miss Glynn.  
Mrs Horohan supports us throughout the week.  
Albert, ‘Bert’ and Rory are the class guinea pigs.  

Key Links:
Y3/4 Padlet Reading Wall 
• Multiplication Times Table Check Simulation (Y4s only!) 
Welcome back Letter Y34 Autumn 2020

Our Topic is: Through the Ages!

In the Through the Ages project, your child will learn about three different periods of British prehistory: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They will discover terminology relating to time and sequence dates to make a timeline. They explore the changes to people, homes and lifestyle throughout the different periods and investigate examples of prehistoric settlements, monuments, burials and artefacts in detail. They will also study how technology improved over time, including how the discovery of different metals changed the way that people lived.

*The login details for DoodleTables are the same as DoodleMaths*
Children should complete their ‘daily’ tasks each and everyday to support their mathematical development. As teachers and parents, we can review and support children’s understanding from their data and the site also adjusts targets for the need of each individual, so it really is a great tool to support and develop independent learn

The children are expected to read for 20 minutesevery evening. In the juniors, the children are old enough to be responsible for writing in their own reading records and logging what they have read. This should then be signed by a parent or responsible adult and brought into school to be checked and signed by a member of staff in exchange for house points. If the children aren’t able to read/get it signed, they are expected to stay in for 10 minutes to read at break. This is a means of teaching responsibility. Obviously, for special occasions, allowances can be made.

We also have a great range of books in our reading corner, which the children are welcome to borrow and returned once they have finished. Children on book bands should continue to use these to support the development of their fluency and comprehension skills. Books bands are changed every Monday. 

Our Padlet has had a makeover! Click here to recommend any books that you might have read. Include a brief summary of the plot and reasons why you think others might enjoy it (no spoilers!) – and don’t forget to add your name! Recommended Reading Lists for LKS2 children: Year 3 and Year 4

Spellings continue to be an important focus as your child progresses into Key Stage 2. There is a list of statutory words your child is expected to be able to spell by the end of year 4. Please see the list here. 

In addition to Doodle and reading, year 3/4 will be expected to spend a minimum amount of time on homework each week. 
• Year 3s a minimum of 30 minutes. 
• Year 4s a minimum of 40 minutes. 

Homework will be published on here every Wednesday and due in the following Wednesday. Homework will be an opportunity to consolidate or extend learning from that week. 

Times Tables: 
Children should regularly practise their times tables. In addition to DoodleTables, I would recommend ‘Hit The Button’ (for £2.29), the Topmarks website or something similar. Two minutes daily is much more effective than half an hour once a week as this supports the working memory to retain these facts more effectively.

PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays in the first half term of autumn. The children should come to school wearing appropriate PE kit and suitable layers.

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