Welcome to year 3 and 4’s blog 2018/19!

Here you will find updates and photographs of our learning over the weeks.
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Volcano making afternoon: Wednesday 12th December

Natural History Museum, London – Wednesday 21st November




Parent Afternoon: Tuesday 16th October


Friday 19th October
We spent time analysing and learning from each-other’s homework on Stonehenge.
Having written a ‘vomit draft’ of our trip to Hill End, we put our purple pens of power to the test and began editing and improving our work. We spent a significant amount of time proofreading firstly our own then our partner’s work. Following this, we edited and improved our spellings, punctuation and sentences by adding in more detail where possible. After that, we were able to write our recounts up in neat and work on our handwriting.

After our work was complete, we began self-assessing our written work. Using the designated success criteria for y3 or y4, we had to review our written work and colour code where we had used certain features in our writing. This helped us reflect on what we have done really well with and what we still need to improve on.

In spellings, we have been learning about the /ei/ sound and all of the different graphemes for that sound: /ay/, /ey/, /ei/, /ai/, /a/ and /a_e/. We discussed where the different graphemes might appear within a word, for e.g. /ay/ and /ey/ is only normally found at the end of a word. We also considered how trial and error can be an effective way of working out how a word should be spelt. 

Friday 5th October
In maths, we have been continuing our work on place value and securing our understanding of 3- and 4- digit numbers. The year 3s have rehearsed partitioning numbers in different ways rather than just by the obvious hundreds, tens and ones. They moved on to solving trickier word problems and practised developing their reasoning to explain how they know what they know. The year 4s have been manipulating numbers on a number line up to 10,000. They have solved problems were the start and end points have been missing and they have had to decide on suitable answers, whilst explaining their reasons for their choices.
Below is some of the work the year 3s did with Miss Glynn.

In English, we have been planning and drafting our recounts of our trip to Hill End. On Friday, some children got hold of their purple pens of power to begin proofreading, editing and improving their work.

In Topic this week, we learned about the village of Skara Brae in Orkney, Scotland. We located the islands of a map and speculated at what the mysterious House No 7 was used for! In Computing, we have been developing our word processing skills. Whilst typing up facts about the Stone Age, we have learnt to alter the font, the size, bold/italic/underline, change the alignment of text and insert bullet points. Don’t be surprised if your child(ren) suddenly wants to start borrowing your electronic devices to type ! 🙂 

I wish you all a lovely INSET and three day weekend! 

Friday 28th September
What another busy week! In maths, we’ve been learning about place value. We have discussed CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) and reminded ourselves how these three approaches can help support us with our learning. The year threes have spent time investigating 3- digit numbers and how they can be partitioned in different ways, not just simply by hundreds, tens and ones. The fours similarly investigated 4-digit numbers.

In English, we have looked at clauses and conjunctions. We learned the different between a main and subordinate clause and how we can create compound and complex sentences using conjunctions. We have also been planning our recounts from Hill End. We grouped the photos into categories which helped us form paragraphs. Next week, we will be drafting, editing and writing a final version of our trip to Hill End, which you will be able to read at Book Look in a couple of weeks. 


In spellings, we have been revising apostrophes when used in contractions. We paired them up and wrote sentences about Hill End. 

On Tuesday, we had our very first violin lesson! We were shown how to hold them and the different strings GDAE “Greedy Dogs Always Eat”.   

On Friday, whilst the year 4s go swimming, the year 3s have mental maths. This is a focused session were they are given time to practise their times tables on ‘Hit the Button’. It also gave them an opportunity to experiment on the new laptops! 

Have a lovely weekend. Please remember that due to INSET day next week, the times tables tests will be on Thursday.

Friday 21st September
Welcome to the blog 2018-19! (click on photos to enlarge)
All of the year threes and fours have settled quickly back into life at school and have adjusted to their new, ‘older’ status! We’ve done so much learning in just these few weeks that I’ll do my best to not waffle on and show you all the pictures. 

In maths, we’ve been learning about shape. We began with a shape hunt around the classroom and around the school grounds. We have learnt of the properties of different 2D shapes and how they compare with 3D shapes. We have demonstrated using very technical vocabulary such as: edges, faces and vertices. Both years have practised building nets and describing their 3D shape. The year fours were then challenged with drawing cubes using isometric paper to show perspective. 

In English, we have been recounting our trip to Hill End. We have looked at Twitter and how a tweet can be used to share our learning with social media. On Wednesday, we all composed our very own tweets that included the use of hashtags. On Friday, we were given a selection of photographs from our trip – we had to describe what was happening in the photo and what we were learning at that given point in time. Afterwards, we had to arrange all of the photos into chronological (time) order. From this, we will group the photographs which will help us to structure our paragraphs when writing.  With our spellings, we have been looking at prefixes and suffixes and how they can alter the meaning of a word. 

Hill End: Tuesday 18th September
Our trip to Hill End was fantastic. As I’m sure you have heard first-hand, the minute we stepped off the coach we where transported to 12,000BC. We were split into tribes: the White Wolves Tribe and the Black Bears Tribe. Each tribe were tasked with building a shelter (like the hunter-gatherers would have during the Mesolithic era), which could easily be erected and dismantled. Each shelter needed to house a minimum of ten children and be waterproof! After Miss Glynn was allowed to test just how ‘weatherproof’ the shelters were, it was deemed that The White Wolves had won the challenge. 

After break, we were transported forward in time to 6,000BC during the Neolithic era where hunter-gatherers had begun farming and would settle in one place. We know this from their more permanent housing. 

We split off into two groups, one took part in spear making and the other had to forage for food and fire wood; and grinding seeds to make flour.  After lunch, the groups swapped over! 


Have a fabulous weekend!