We are made up of 23 pupils and our teacher Mr Mark White with support from Miss Abi Davies.

Welcome back to the autumn term to year 6 and a warm welcome to the lovely new year 5s!

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Friday 5th October 2018

These past two weeks have flown by; can you believe it was a week ago today that we spent the morning dissecting a pig’s heart!? It certainly was a day to remember for everyone and I’m sure we all learned something. The children were fantastic, if a little squeamish at times, and it was wonderful to have so many parent helpers, so thank you!

We have developed our computing and research skills this week whilst continuing our learning of the heart and blood. We are building our knowledge of the circulatory system through specific questions and searches online, as well as using information books to ensure we create detailed non-chronological reports about blood.

In other areas, we  have spent time learning about symmetry of shapes and figures and the difference between regular and irregular polygons, in maths. During our PSHE session we worked on our team work skills as we were given an object and then 10 minutes to come up with a game that included this object. We next had to describe our game and showcase it to another group before receiving feedback. Next week, we’ll think about rules and whether they are a good or a bad thing. Watch this space for some interesting discussions!

Friday 20th September 2018

Year 5 and 6 have had an event filled start to the school year, with more yet to come. Our trip to Bayer’s Baylab was fantastic, with the facilities and team at Bayer fantastic in providing learning and opportunities to the children. We had a snapshot of some of the images from the day on our school twitter page, so please check those out if you’ve not had a chance already.

On the back of this excellent experience, we have spent time writing instructions for making paint, in English, and dipped our toe into ratio with several days maths learning linked to trip, with some fantastic results.

Hopefully, today, all parents should receive an invitation from their child(ren) to join us in a special science lesson next Friday 28th September from 9:30 as we spend time dissecting a pigs heart and linking this to our learning of the human heart’s functionality. All parents are welcome to join us in this memorable experience, so please let the office know if you wish to attend!



HOMEWORKHomework is available from this site every Wednesday. Each child has been provided with a homework record book in which they are to make a note of homework as well as their daily Reading, as good preparation for expectations at secondary school.

SATS REVISION: You can find a list of recommended texts here to further support your child in the build up to the assessments in May – Miss Roberts and I are particularly fond of the 10-minute ‘SAT Buster’ books – a quick and easy to use tool to build confidence and speed in your child’s thinking.

WRITING: In year 5/6 we learn lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar to support our writing, and it can be tricky to explain fully to our parents all of the things we have learned. So now, you can use the below ‘Writing Checklist’ documents to better understand and support your child with their writing.

Y5 Writing Self Assessment Sheet , Y6 Writing Self Assessment Sheet

READING: We also have a great range of books in our book corner that have been chosen based on feedback from the children and from my own reading – children are more than welcome to borrow these: they just have to let me know and I’ll make a note. Also, below are some other recommended reading lists for the children that will further develop and broaden their reading habits:

Year 5 Books Year 6 Books

If you’d like other recommendations based on your child’s preferences, let me know and I will recommend suitable book for them.

MATHS: Children are encouraged to use their Mathletics access as often as possible to challenge themselves in different areas, on top of the work set as homework. They should also continually practise their times tables at home – the Top Marks website has some great challenges, which the children are used to in class. Additionally, they also have a smart phone app called ‘Hit the Button’ (at a cost of £2.29) which I highly recommend to support mental strategies.

We will use our class page to keep you updated on activities and news throughout the school year…so watch this space!

How you can help your child at home this term:

  • Reading – Predict events and their effects at different points throughout a narrative. Spend time looking at key words and author decisions.

  • Writing – Collect ideas and vocabulary from reading to bring and use in a meaningful way to writing

  • Maths – Quick recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts

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