Welcome to Year 5 & 6!


Advance Notification – Photographer has been booked for Monday 11th May  to take individual and group photo of Year 6 before they go to secondary school!

 We are made up of 32 pupils and our teacher Mr Chris Prickett.

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant and other Teaching Assistant’s support us at different times during the week.

We will use our class page to keep you updated on activities and news throughout the school year…so watch this space!

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year 5 6 timetable Spring 15

Spelling Year 5 and 6

YEAR 6 SATs advice to parents 2015

Homework set 26th March.

Due in on Wednesday 22nd April

Literacy -

An Egg

Use the information from this piece of writing to write 2 paragraphs.

One paragraph needs to give a factual description of an egg, see if you can add a couple of additional FACTS.

For example, some eggs have hard shells.

The second paragraph needs to give a personal description of an egg, see if you can add a couple of your own EXPERIENCES.

For example, I like to use my spoon to break the shell of a hard boiled egg to see if I can take the top off in one piece.

Numeracy – Proportions of materials in rubbish.

In my rubbish for a week I had

2% textiles

7% metals

9% plastics

11% glass

20% vegetable matter / garden waste

33% paper and card

18% other waste

Draw a graph or chart of your own choice to show these proportions.

You could go further to find the proportions of different materials in your own rubbish for a week.


Spellings (tested on Thursdays)

Red – exit, extra, express, excite, necessary.

Amber – necessity, essence, excitement, expression, extraordinary.

Green – excessive, access, excitable, unnecessary, accessible.

How you can help your child at home this term

  • Reading - Predict events and their effects at different points throughout a narrative
  • Writing – Collect ideas and vocabulary from reading to bring and use in a meaningful way to writing
  • Maths – Quick recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts

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Please use this link to open our Spring Term 2015 topic letter to parents.Spring 2015 topic letter

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