Welcome to Year 5 & 6!

We are made up of 27 pupils and our teacher Mr Mark White with support from Mrs Webb and Mrs Gadhok in the mornings.

Our class padlet, for book reviews, can be accessed here – please  add whenever you finish a book you’d like to share with everyone in our class. 

SATS REVISION: You can find a list of recommended texts here to further support your child in the build up to the assessments in May – Miss Roberts and I are particularly fond of the 10-minute ‘SAT Buster’ books – a quick and easy to use tool to build confidence and speed in your child’s thinking.

Friday 18th October 2019

We’re having a fantastic term with so much learning about the Arctic, Antarctic and Shackleton’s journey in topic and English that we can’t quite believe it’s nearly over. In recent weeks the children have written their personal statements to be accepted on Shackleton’s ship and have also been writing diary entries, in role as a crew member on board the Endurance, at various stages of the voyage, to fully capture the scale of teh experience and emotions involved. We have also watch some real footage taken by one of the crew, Frank Hurley, to further bring to life this amazing adventure. This week alone, children have discovered how the Endurance got stuck for several winter months and had to write motivational speeches to keep up morale. We had some fantastic, rousing efforts that had everyone up and cheering! We’re definitely ready to learn more next week!

Children have also spent time learning about Inuit art and having a go themselves with different creations. They have also developed powerpoint presentations about the adaptations of polar animals, which they have and shared in groups and each child has been given personal feedback by one of their peers on how well they presented and tips to support speaking in front of an audience. 

As if that wasn’t enough, in Maths we have spent more time on geometry by solving problems about angles on a straight line, around a point and labelling circles before recently started looking at numbers and how to read and write large numbers and use a number line accurately and through estimation! 

Thursday 19th September 2019

These past two weeks have flown by as the children have settled in to their routines and we’ve donned our thermals (as well as our swimming costumes) to explore the globe at the start of our  ‘Frozen Kingdom’ topic. Children have observed the equator, tropics and hemespheres to understand the layout of the earth a little better before we spend time learing about the Arctic and Antarctic. 

In English, we have kept the ‘Frozen Kingdon’ theme by learning about Ernst Shackleton and his journey to Antarctica by studying a fantastic non-fiction text, Shackleton’s Journey by Will Grigg. Over the course of thie term, we will step into role as crew (there were 27 members!) and think about each stage of the journey slowly with writing opportunities for diary entries, letters, narrative and personal statements.

In maths, the class have had the chance to understand how to use a 180 degree protractor with increasing accuracy. Tomorrow, we will cement some of our learning with a game of angles Battleships!

HOMEWORKHomework is available from this site every Wednesday. Each child has been provided with a homework record book in which they are to make a note of homework as well as their daily Reading, as good preparation for expectations at secondary school.

WRITING: In year 5/6 we learn lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar to support our writing, and it can be tricky to explain fully to our parents all of the things we have learned. So now, you can use the below ‘Writing Checklist’ documents to better understand and support your child with their writing.

Y5 Writing Self Assessment Sheet , Y6 Writing Self Assessment Sheet

READING: We also have a great range of books in our book corner that have been chosen based on feedback from the children and from my own reading – children are more than welcome to borrow these: they just have to let me know and I’ll make a note. Also, below are some other recommended reading lists for the children that will further develop and broaden their reading habits:

Year 5 Books Year 6 Books

If you’d like other recommendations based on your child’s preferences, let me know and I will recommend suitable book for them.

MATHS: Children should continually practise their times tables at home – the Top Marks website has some great challenges, which the children are used to in class. Additionally, they also have a smart phone app called ‘Hit the Button’ (at a cost of £2.29) which I highly recommend to support mental strategies.

We will use our class page to keep you updated on activities and news throughout the school year…so watch this space!

How you can help your child at home this term:

  • Reading – Predict events and their effects at different points throughout a narrative. Spend time looking at key words and author decisions.

  • Writing – Collect ideas and vocabulary from reading to bring and use in a meaningful way to writing

  • Maths – Quick recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts

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