Welcome to Year 5 & 6!

We are made up of 23 pupils and our teacher Mr Mark White.

MWhite welcome letter


Y5/6 working hard on their front pages of the 14th Century


We used drafts in our books to help create our digital front page!











We are fully engaged with our topic of The Black Death, and I hope the children have been keeping you up to date with the symptoms and how it impacted the world! Last week, we became journalists; studying the features of a newspaper front page and gathered some facts to plan and create our very own. I have been very impressed with the attitude of the children to take on these tasks, and I am seeing some great results!


Now we are becoming scientists! We have two experiments on the loose. The first will linger as we are investigating the spread of bacteria through nurturing a ‘Herman’ sourdough cake, which will ‘infect’ the whole class, eventually!

Secondly, we are running an classroom experiment to look at the growth of bacteria in potatoes, with 5 different contained slices, that have been contaminated in one way or another. We are beginning to predict the outcomes, and monitor the progress over the next week or so before finding out the results and drawing our conclusions.


We will use our class page to keep you updated on activities and news throughout the school year…so watch this space!


Week 5 Spellings are here, and all children have been given a copy to keep in their spellings book, but for the extra cautious the list is below:

To be tested on Wednesday 14th October (just for this week):
















Homework is now also available from this site every Wednesday. Each child has been provided with a homework book in which to complete the work, by each Tuesday.

Topic homework – Due Tuesday 3rd November (after half term)

Use a map of the UK to identify castles of the Middle Ages and make a scrap book to research facts about one of them. Find out as much as you can, delve into the history. Be prepared to present your scrap book to others when we return!


How you can help your child at home this term

  • Reading - Predict events and their effects at different points throughout a narrative
  • Writing – Collect ideas and vocabulary from reading to bring and use in a meaningful way to writing
  • Maths – Quick recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts

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