Welcome to Year 5 & 6!

We are made up of 24 pupils and our teacher Mr Mark White.


I am extremely proud of our Y6 children, as they approached the exams maturely and sensibly. Every one of them deserves huge credit and can now relax and enjoy learning over our final 8 weeks together!

To celebrate the completion, we headed to the bank, in the glorious morning sunshine, to have an ice lolly and unwind! WELL DONE YEAR 6!

Year 5 have also done themselves proud this week, and have been considerate toward their Year 6 classmates during the week, so a big THANK YOU to them too!



22nd April 2015

We are now Rock Stars! Times Table Rock Stars, to be exact. Every week we are focusing on one times table and, each day, completing as many questions (50 – 60 on a list) in 3 minutes, TO ROCK MUSIC! When the time is up, we write the time it took and how many we got correct, this then determines our ‘Rock Status’ for the test. We have also looked at the formula needed to work out our average speed per question. After just one week we have seen some incredible results, with all children making significant progress! Coming Soon – We’ll have our own rock star names and access to an online system for children to play online (or on an APP)!

Times Table Rock Stars against the clock!

Times Table Rock Stars against the clock!FullSizeRender


This week has also seen Y5/6 trial the ‘mile-a-day’ challenge in which children don their trainers and run for 15 minutes around our field. It was important to find out how many laps would equate a mile, so the Sports Ambassadors measured the field (in meters) and we worked out how many laps would make 1km, and then converted this to a mile. In short, we must run 13 laps to have successfully completed 1 mile.

Our Sports Ambassadors have also informed the whole school of this challenge and all classes will be on the move from Monday, which will be great to see.


Finally, we are helping with a nationwide science experiment! We are one of the lucky schools to have received a Rocket Science pack which contains two packets of seeds – one that has been safely on earth, while the other has ventured to space with British astronaut Tim Peake! The experiment is set up to determine whether we can produce food in space. More information on the experiment ca be found here: https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/news/News-results/National/2015/May/rocket-science

KS2 took a packet of seeds each and have planted and watered to the strict instructions, ensuring we set-up a fair test. We will keep you updated on our progress over the next 6 weeks!

IMG_5168     IMG_5170


15th April 2015

Wow! What a fantastic first week back we have had – We have started a mini topic on rainforests by looking at, and creating our own, non-chronological reports about animals that live in the rainforest, as well as looking at the tropics in geography. Next week we plan to display all of our hard work in a large book about rainforest animals that all at the school can access!

To finish the week we had a great time at the Living Rainforest looking at all of the different animals and how nature adapts to it’s environment, by having a guided tour with an expert demonstrating, and explaining, every thing we need to know. It was truly fascinating. I’m sure all of the children will have a few highlights in particular!

We also took this as an opportunity to develop our artistic side by drawing a variety of animals, and plants / leaves, that the rainforest had on offer.

IMG_2739 IMG_5123


23rd March 2016

We have had a fantastic term learning about descriptive writing for short stories, and developing our knowledge of fractions in maths. I have been blown away by the effort of each and every member of our class for their Alchemy Island projects. We saw a huge range of creativity from models of different kingdoms, with incredible detail, to a scratch game that had the class gripped, to kingdoms created within Minecraft and even some cakes! Below are just some of the fantastic creations.

IMG_0310    IMG_0312 IMG_0309     IMG_0306

We have ended the term with the annual Easter egg hunt, and all of the children enjoyed finding the clues and cracking the code! So thank you to FOSS for arranging this activity! Tomorrow will be a hilly adventure for egg rolling!

IMG_0315    IMG_0319

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, wherever you may be, and comes back with lots of great stories to tell.

Easter homework is listed under the homework section.

12th February 2016,

What an amazing end to the term we have had, the children have worked incredibly hard on their poems for our class Slam (poetry reading competition) and all put in fantastic and different performances in front of their peers. We even received a good luck message from our favourite poet, Harry Baker, before hand, which really spurred everyone on!

Our 6 judges and Head Boy and Girl scored each performance using 5 categories (pace, content, presentation, use of informal language and audience reaction).When all were counted the top three were announced with Sophia Bell and Izzy McNulty our runners up.

We had a very worthy winner in Rhys Hetherton! All of the class were in agreement that his poem stood out as the most original and it scored highest in all 5 categories. Well done, Rhys! :)

Y5/6 Streatley Slam Poetry Champion 2016!

Y5/6 Streatley Slam Poetry Champion 2016!

3rd February 2016

We have had a busy week with children developing their cycling skills, road safety and independence during their bikeability training. With some children on the road, others are patiently waiting their turn with some maths work on area of shapes. Yesterday, (Tuesday 2nd) we all took to the hall and our classroom to find the area of various shapes (and use a calculator for the really tricky calculation!) We worked out the area of the hall floor and some objects in the classroom – we even drew on the tables!


Find the area!

Find the area!

Writing on tables!

Writing on tables!


For literacy this week, we have decided to focus on our imagination and story writing in order to enter BBC Radio 2′s 500 word competition. So far Year 6 have watched some short films and discussed their favourite books and ideas for their writing. We have created some fantastic ideas, with each child using their own personality to develop a story. It is wonderful to see.

Year 5 will tackle this on Thursday and Friday, and I am looking forward to seeing what ideas they generate too! This leads me to this week’s homework: See below homework section (scroll down) for details.


20th January 2016

We had a great time competing with other schools in the area at Archery last week, with a team of six Y5/6s heading over to Theale Green school to participate. We worked well as a team with some fantastic performances and bulls-eye hits! Sadly, we didn’t earn a medal this time, but should all be very proud of our effort.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Our next sporting event takes place tonight, as Y/6 boys take on an indoor football tournament.

In maths this week we have started looking at co-ordinates and translating shapes, while in English we have had great fun learning lots about GOLD through research in books and on the internet (using the shiny new laptops!) to put together our very own non-chronological reports about the precious metal.

Finally, in science yesterday we visited the Fountain of Gold on Alchemy Island. Mr White showed us all of the equipment and ingredients he would be using and asked us to predict what might happen. When he carried out the experiment, the ingredients caused a reaction that saw gold foam spew out of a glass bottle, creating our very own Fountain of Gold!

Fountain of GOLD!

Fountain of GOLD!


The aftermath!

The aftermath!












13th January 2016

Firstly, I’d like to welcome everyone back; it sounds like everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I would also like to Welcome Luke Siggermann to our class. Luke is in year 6 and has settled very quickly in to the group, with all of the children being very friendly and ensuring he knows his way around. Our first week started with a curious package sent to Mr White. We discussed where it might have arrived from by looking at the packaging, and soon discovered a map of an unknown land called Fantasy Island, a key to help work out the map, and a riddle to determine where our quest would start. We have lots of exciting plans to use this map with a strong focus on geography and science as well as others.

A mysterious package was delivered to class!

A mysterious package was delivered to class!

In science this week, we looked at some contaminated water samples, scrutinised the contents and thought about how we might decontaminate them. We used some of our previous Y3/4 learning about solids, liquids and gases to help us decide that we needed to use sieving, evaporation and filtering of 3 different samples. We successfully completed the task and can now leave the Ancient Citadel and use co-ordinates to work our way across the island.

Two of the contaminated water samples from the Bottomless Well

Two of the contaminated water samples from the Bottomless Well

PE this term is on a Monday afternoon with Mr White (Games continue with Liam on a Wednesday). In PE we will be building key skills to help our balance, core strength, agility and team work for the game of dodgeball.

NOTICE: There will no longer be weekly spellings set for testing in Y5/6, with a greater focus instead being placed on teaching the rules of words twice a week, allowing children to investigate words and developed a stronger knowledge of the English language in line with the National Curriculum guidelines. Spelling tests will then be set at an appropriate time. Each child has been given a Spelling Journal, in which they can independently add words they are unsure of, along with their meaning. We have started some dictionary based games to support children’s awareness, and accuracy, when using a dictionary to further develop their spelling.. I hope you see the fruits of this tree of knowledge as the weeks pass. I urge parents to continue to support their children with use of dictionary at home and also to show the children that you need to use them sometimes too! :)


Homework is now also available from this site every Wednesday. Each child has been provided with a homework book in which to complete the work, by the following Tuesday unless stated otherwise.

Homework (due Tuesday 10th May) -

1. If you could be an insect for a day, what kind would you be? Why? Where would you live? How safe would you be?

2. Make a bug’s eye view of our class / the school / your bedroom- How would things look from up there on the wall?


Please find attached the presentation that coincided with the parent information evening supporting Y6 exams:

Y6 Exams – Parent Information

Below are some recommended reading lists for the children that will  further develop and broaden their reading:



I also recommend all children continually practise their times tables at home – the top marks website has some good challenges, which the children are used to in class. Additionally, top marks have a smart phone app titled ‘Hit the Button’ (at a cost of £2.29) which I highly recommend to support mental startegies.

We will use our class page to keep you updated on activities and news throughout the school year…so watch this space!

How you can help your child at home this term

  • Reading - Predict events and their effects at different points throughout a narrative
  • Writing – Collect ideas and vocabulary from reading to bring and use in a meaningful way to writing
  • Maths – Quick recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts

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