Welcome to Miss Roberts’ assembly stories and songs for small children

Each week she will post a story that would normally be used in assembly. The stories with morals or a lesson are taught through story or children acting out the story with her. She will be contacting the heads and deputies to add in a school pray or reflection for the day. Miss Roberts used to see us in assembly on a Monday and Friday. Monday was a story and celebrations. Friday was reflection and celebrations.

At present we are discussing how to celebrate children’s learning and attitudes to learning as we need to recognise that you all have different home circumstances and we want to be sensitive to this.

Click here to watch and read-a-long with Evil Weasel written by Hannah Shaw and read by Miss Roberts.




Click here to watch and read-a-long with Something Else written by Kathryn Cave and read by Miss Roberts




Click here to watch and read-a-long with Woolf written by Alex Latimer and read by Miss Roberts