We are building our understanding of British Values in our assemblies with Miss Roberts and KS2 are learning in more depth with Mrs Williams.

Our first focus is on democracy; developing children’s understanding of what it is and where we see it, starting with school and the hierarchy in the United Kingdom.

A dedicated group of children, in Year 5 and 6, worked during their lunchtimes to discuss, research and create their own presentations on democracy to share with the rest of the school in Friday’s assembly, to help launch the topic.

They used different approaches, such as powerpoint presentations, bright cue cards, hand crafted Union Jack and a comic strip to keep the other children engaged and understanding. They were a credit to themselves and the school, so well done to Rhys Hetherton, Daisy Arnold-Baker, Francesca Ramachander, Katherine Mannix, Audrey Friel and Elsie Waite!


For more information about British Values please see the document here