Collective Worship Team

During the Autumn Term 2018 we launched our “Collective Worship Team”. Our main purpose is to develop further our collective worship times in school. We also hope to create some quiet and reflective areas within the school grounds.

Introducing the team for 2019-2020…

Hanna Partridge and Archie McClelland (Year 3)
Catrin Davies and Emily Chadwick (Year 4)
Albert Francis and Flo Gardner (Year 5)
The team is led by Mrs Williams.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd January at 12.50

Autumn Term 2019

At our first meeting of the year we thought about our main purposes as a team and shared our ideas enthusiastically! We decided that the Prayer wall needs some refreshing and decided that we would like to create something around the remembrance day theme after the half term holiday. We created a giant poppy and invited everyone to add a poppy as a symbol of remembrance. KS2 also joined Ben at the War Memorial for a short service. At the start of December we changed the prayer board to an advent theme.

 Summer Term 2019

We have put together a Bible story bag, including many of our favourite bible stories. We will bring them outside each lunchtime for those who want to enjoy a good read. Please come and have a read!

We were thrilled at how well the school community used the Prayer Wall last term. We have now cleared space for new prayers to be added this term. The CW team are now turning their attention to creating some reflective areas outside in our school grounds. We have some ambitious ideas that can be part of our long term project to improve our school grounds. But we have started with something a little more achievable.


Spring Term 2019

In our second meeting this term, we gave our feedback from our monitoring of the assemblies this term. The teachers will be relieved to hear that much of it was positive! We then helped Mrs Williams to finish setting up our new Prayer Wall in the school hall. This is a space in which all are invited to post their own prayers and read the prayers of others in our community. Come and have a look!






We have identified the common features that each of our assemblies should aim to include each week and discussed the role that each part plays. Miss Roberts has asked for our help in monitoring how well we are covering and including each feature throughout our different assemblies during the week. So we will be monitoring the assemblies for a while to see how well we are doing!

collective worship monitoring

Autumn Term 2018

At our first meeting we joined in the school discussion of developing a definition of spirituality for our school. Not an easy thing to do! We looked at how the images of the window, mirror and door can help us to articulate our reflections and thoughts better.

At our next meeting we will be looking at how we can play a part in continuing to develop our times of collective worship as a school.