Learning Platform

We use a Virtual Learning Platform, which is a valuable and safe online tool that our children and teachers enjoy using. It adds to the quality and variety of the childrens’ learning experience.

The Learning Platform has many online resources linked to it, which teachers and children can access to enhance and extend their work in the classroom. It is also an ideal way for children to share their work with their class and their parents.

Children can learn how to design their own Homepage, save work into their Gallery, send and receive emails to each other, use an online Calendar, and participate in school Blogs and Forums. We hope that providing all of our children with the experience of online learning will also help to prepare them for their Secondary Education and it could even lead to a ‘paper free’ school bag!

The site is provided by ‘DB Primary’, which has been designed with ease of use in mind and fits easily into classroom activities. The tool covers a broad range of subjects and content styles, including quizzes, surveys, interactive presentations, etc.

The Learning Platform is only accessed  by pupils attending the school and their teachers, using a personalised Username and Password. It is set up like a ‘School Intranet’, meaning that children can only communicate with other children and adults in the school, who have access to the site. Children do not have unrestricted access the World Wide Web or send/receive emails from outside of the learning platform, which ensures a safe online environment.

All electronic communications and content within the learning platform are monitored and safeguarded by adults in the school. The children are also able to apply their learning about eSafety by alerting the Head teacher to any content or emails that a child does not feel happy about.

A quicklink to the ‘DB Primary’ site can be found here.