Eco-Warriors 2019/20

Streatley were awarded Silver on 28th March 2019

To help us ensure our school is sustainable, we are an elected team who have been working hard as we strive towards obtaining the Eco-Schools Awards. Having already obtained the bronze and silver awards, you can find out more about our ongoing journey in the blog below. 

The Eco-Warrior Team:
(Y1) James H. (Y2) Joseph D. (Y3) Tobias F.

(Y4) Eva M. (Y5) Ellie B. (Y6) Jack R.

Miss Glynn is our Eco-Teacher;
Mrs Dineen is our Eco-Governor;
and Mr Warren is our Eco-Adult.

Eco-Warriors Hall of Fame:
Henry B., Ava K., Isla S., Lucia K., Otto A-B.
Just because these warriors aren’t elected as this year’s year group leader, it doesn’t mean they no longer care about supporting the environment or the world we live in. The Eco Warrior’s mantra is that once you’re apart of the team, you’ll always remain as part of the team and you can carry on helping out anyway you can.

Well, it’s official. All of the Warriors’ hard work has paid off. The Eco Team got together with Miss Glynn and Mrs Dineen and reviewed the application criteria for silver. After documenting and clearly explaining everything that they’ve been doing over the past few months as outlined on their action plan, they were able to go ahead and click ‘submit’ on the online application, which was obviously approved! Well done to all of the team for their ongoing hard work. 

The RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch: February 19
Last month, we were able to turn all of the pupils in the school into conservation scientists as they got involved and got outdoors to help keep track of the birds in our area. Not only that, the Foundation Stage Gorillas and Y1/2 Snow Leopards took to the outdoors and made fat balls and cheerio loops for the birds and wildlife to eat as part of their outdoor learning sessions.

Here were the results:

Switch-Off Fortnight: 19th-30th November 18
The year 3/4s kicked off SOF learning about watts and light-bulbs. They learned of the difference between incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent. They carried out a survey around school of all the lights that had been left on, switched off or were in use. 

At the top of the school, the year 5/6s learned all about ‘standby mode’ and how it can help reduce energy but isn’t as efficient as switching devices off completely. They’ve been making a conscious effort to turn the lights and devices off when the classroom is left empty (daily mile, assemblies etc). 

The year 1/2s took a slightly different approach and got busy on their feet. They tried jogging on the spot to generate energy and raise their body temperatures. They then created posters to advertise why wasting energy can be detrimental! 

WE ARE BRONZE! October 18
It’s official: all of the hard work has finally paid off and we can proudly announce that we have been awarded bronze by the Eco-Schools board. The award comes after the Eco-Warriors used their meeting time to conduct an Environmental Survey of the school grounds which is broken down into ten areas: waste, water, energy, healthy living, marine, biodiversity, litter, school grounds, global diversity and transport. 

Streatley were awarded Bronze on 18th October 2018

Autumn 1 Termly Update – October 18
Welcome to the brand-new Eco-Warriors! 

Last year, the school councillors conducted an environmental survey of the school grounds to decide which areas needed the most attention. We have reviewed their survey and identified the main areas were: water, energy and waste. At our next meeting, we will be putting together an action plan, which will help guide us to improving the school in just one of these areas initially. 

We are hoping to apply for the Bronze Award during the Autumn Term once our action plan has been written. We will keep you updated – or take a look at our Eco wall in the hall!