Remembrance Day

The children in assembly briefly discussed Remembrance Day. We said we would add links for them to research and improve their knowledge.

British Legion Assembly Information

Learning Pack opens here

  • Remembrance and the First World War centenary
  • Memorials
  • Poetry and Remembrance
  • The role of individuals and families in Remembrance
  • Remembrance Day
  • Remembering the past
  • Helping people<
  • Thinking about the present and the future

Key Stages 1&2 – Remembrance for older pupils – a full series in PDF format which includes:

  • What do we remember?
  • The Poppy
  • Memorials
  • Who are we remembering?
  • Remembrance Day

The following materials colouring sheets are in PDF format and can be downloaded or printed for use in association with the other resource materials.

VE Day