School Council 2019/20

“School is fun when there’s everyone!”

We have been elected by our classes to represent our individual year groups to make our school a better place. Miss Glynn and Mr Warren oversee all of the fantastic work and fundraising that we do.

The School Council Team:
(Y1) Autumn J. (Y2) Henry B. (Y3) Archie Mc.
(Y4) Emily W. (Y5) Theodor S. (Y6) Edward H.

Nov 2019 – WWF: We have new class names!
Each of the classes were given a choice of 14 animals available for adoption through the World Wildlife Fund. Having gone through numerous rounds of voting, the final decisions are in! The results were as follows:


Each class will shortly received their welcome pack with complimentary toy (class mascot) and book marks. The classes will receive regular updates with crucial information regarding how their sponsorship is helping support endangered animals around the world.

October 2019 – Autumn 1: Termly Update
We are a group of pupils who have been elected by fellow members of our class to represent each of our individual year groups. Our job is to be the ‘pupil’s voice’ to work towards improving our school and to take part in fundraising activities, which can raise vital funds or raise awareness of specific causes.

We are here to make our school a better place. Our motto is ‘School is fun when there is everyone.’ Our first mission this term is to rename each of the four classes. In order to do this, we will vote to support and sponsor an endangered animal from the World Wildlife Fund. Once chosen, that animal will become their class’ name for the year.