‘A tree is known by its fruit.’ Matthew 12:33.

Our vision at Streatley is “To Create Happy, Healthy humans.” A core part of this is to offer regular opportunities for all members of the school community to explore their spirituality.


Spirituality is that which gives life and animation to something. It is the essence of being human.  By being spiritual we are exploring beliefs and our experiences; we respect all faiths, feelings and values; we enjoy learning about ourselves, others and our world; we use our imagination and creativity; we reflect. As a Church of England school this often reflects our distinctively Christian character. There are many planned opportunities for reflection both during lessons and in collective worship, as well as spontaneous opportunities when they arise. This can be seen through their sense of fascination in learning about the world around them and the use of imagination and creativity in their learning.


We provide children with opportunities for spiritual development in three ways:


Collective Worship

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Collective Worship Policy