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Year 1/2 Homework

Pre learning and over learning creates space in our working memory to apply learning and store it into our long term memory. Therefore, we ask you read with and to your children as much as you can. Little and often makes such a difference. Their books are often very simple and so should be just right, we teach and guide them on the band above. Your role is to read other fun books to engage them in book behaviours e.g. left to right, start at the top, recognise a letter, a Capital letter, a word and a sentence.

Spelling and reading needs over learning. One more time is great if you can do this. See download below for Year 2 spelling homework for the Summer term. The complex speed sounds chart supports children to view the spelling alternatives.

Maths again is supported by pre-learning and over learning. We want the basics to be embedded to free up the working memory and allow them to access higher thinking.

KIRFS - (Key Instant Recall Facts) these will be assigned to you to complete within your Doodlemaths homework, it is also beneficial to practise them regularly at home.

Summer 1    - Year 1 -  I can tell the time (o'clock and half past)
                   -  Year 2 -  I know multiplication and division facts for the 5x table

Summer 2   - Year 1 -  I know number bonds to 20.
                   - Year 2 - I can tell the time (to the nearest 5 mins)

For the Summer Term our topic is 'Rio de Vida'. The knowledge organiser for this topic is in the links below.  Please read this and talk about it at home to support your learning.