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Year 3/4 Homework

Our Topic is:  PotionsPotions

Potion: a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or sticky goo. Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties. Now scientists, beware. There are some powerful and deadly potions out there, dangerous, unpredictable or tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet.) Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions in Professor Hazard’s Potions class. Feeling sleepy? That orange juice did taste a little strange...

Linked text: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

The Knowledge Organiser can be found at the bottom of this page. Please have a read through with an adult to make sure that you have some understanding of key vocabulary ahead of our learning in class.


Year 3 and 4 Homework - Summer 1


  • Doodle Maths - Complete your 'A Day' tasks
  • Doodle Tables/Hit the button - Practise your current times tables for your fortnightly tests. It is written in your reading record.
  • Reading - Read for twenty minutes every day. The link for the Padlet Book Reviews page can be found on the class page.


Date Due: Every Wednesday

Pick one activity from the grid to complete each week in exchange for house points.  Bring in photos or examples of what you have done.  You can also send it in via parent mail.  You can downland the document at the bottom of the page, or view a screenshot here. 

Calculate how many litres of water it takes to fill your bath.  Which uses less water, the bath or shower? How can you find out?

Make a sketch of any interesting bottles you have at home.  Remember to add patterns, textures, shading and any finer details!

Make and eat smores.  What scientific process is happening here with the marshmallows?

Make a list of all the solids, liquids and gases you can find at home.  Try and find at least ten items on your list.

Make ice lollies at home.  Can you add a surprise ingredient that you find as the ice melts, e.g. fruit?

Visit a library or book store – search for other plays or stories on the theme of potions and make a list of them.

Invent a game to do with potions.  You will need to have rules and a set of instructions to play.

Watch one of the Harry Potter films or another film involving potions. Who was your favourite character and why? Which spell did you learn? What did it do?

Read a book or play about potions (this could be from your library or book store visit) and write a book review to share with the class.

Make a homemade perfume or potion using things you find in the garden or bathroom. Check with an adult first! Use a pestle and mortar to grind up the ingredients.  Add liquid and strain to get rid of the lumpy bits.

Make up a magical spell poem.  You will need to decide what your spell will do to whoever it is cast upon. Be creative and think carefully about the rhyme and rhythm.  You may choose to use musical instruments and percussion sounds to make a beat for your poem.

Write a story which has a magical potion in it.  You could use other stories you’ve read for inspiration but try to make it your own unique tale!