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5/6 Homework and Subject Learning

Our driver project is: Britain at War

This project teaches children about the causes, events and consequences of the First and Second World Wars, the influence of new inventions on warfare, how life in Great Britain was affected and the legacy of the wars in the post-war period.

English Study: Goodnight Mister Tom and When The Sky Falls.

An extraordinary story with historical and family truth at its heart, that tells us as much about the present as the past. Deeply felt, movingly written, a remarkable achievement' Michael Morpurgo 1941. War is raging. And one angry boy has been sent to the city, where bombers rule the skies. There, Joseph will live with Mrs F, a gruff woman with no fondness for children. Her only loves are the rundown zoo she owns and its mighty silverback gorilla, Adonis. As the weeks pass, bonds deepen and secrets are revealed, but if the bombers set Adonis rampaging free, will either of them be able to end the life of the one thing they truly love?


After May half-term: Evolution and inheritance 
This project teaches children how living things on Earth have changed over time and how fossils provide evidence for this. They learn how characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring and how variation in offspring can affect their survival, with changes (adaptations) possibly leading to the evolution of a species.

Spreadsheets :0) 

Make Do and Mend - focus on mending clothing items.

After May half-term: Changing Me

Music: Miss Davies and Katie supporting us with our summer performance, 'School-O-Vision'.

So, 2024 is the 50th anniversary of Eurovision. But forget Eurovision! We bring you instead an equally-spectacular musical extravaganza – the School-O-Vision Song Contest! Representing the varied groups that make up our school community, different acts compete to win the School-O-Vision crown, half a century after it was first won by legendary group, RABBLE! Between flamboyant musical performances and the hosts’ catty banter, we also get to peek behind the scenes at the groups in their daily lives and find out how teachers, parents, premises officers, kitchen staff, infants and, of course, this year’s Yr 6 leavers, all contribute to school life in their own unique and hilarious ways!

After May half-term: Bees, Beetles and Butterflies 

After May half-term: Athletics and Rounders 

RE: Islam: Beliefs and Moral values.

French: Let's go shopping.

Both Year Groups have been set assignments on Doodles:

- Maths

- English

- Times tables (check - not everyone)

- Spelling (check - not everyone)

All linked to class learning, next steps and analysis of test papers.