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Early Help

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Early Help

There has been considerable work on-going to coordinate the excellent early help work that is happening for children, young people and their families across West Berkshire. As part of this there is a recognition that schools play a major role in providing early help. To support this there have been a number of initiatives taking place to ensure that there are the tools, advice and professional guidance to empower families to resolve their issues.

Please find attached below:

Early Response Hub Leaflet 

My Family Plan Guide

My Family First - Menu of interventions and referral form.

These documents provide an overview of the resources available when working with families and recognises that families often need more support but do not require a social worker. There is also the recognition that it is more effective to involve families, speaking to them about their difficulties and working together on their support plan.

Over the past few months the council's Digital Services team, WB's Children and Families Service and Education have been working with partners to create a digital service to support early help.

Moving away from a paper based system, consisting of browser based forms, digital workflow, and data analysis tools they have created My Family Plan, which they will be introducing as part of their early help offer soon.

Whilst the new service will be more efficient, more importantly it will make it easier for staff and partner organisation to support children and their families though early help, and that's what really matters.

The My Family Plan digital platform is an important part of the early help offer and the council will shortly be contacting schools by separate email to provide details on how to gain access and use the My Family Plan on-line tool.