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Early Years Foundation Stage

Our youngest class is both nurturing and inspiring. Each day they enjoy a rhythm which is carefully planned by the adults and influenced by the children.

The children in this stage develop a love of the outdoors if they did not already. Our staff are all keen outdoor enthusiasts. The children can dig, explore, build, use tools and cook on the fire. We love being in tune with the seasons and encouraging wildlife to flourish.

Nurturing creativity is key to learning in Early Years, whether developing fine motor skills through Art or enriching vocabulary through Music. We use the Berkshire Music Trust alongside class music lessons to support our children so that as they move through the school they are familiar with the vocal warm-ups and instruction.

Our pupil numbers are usually 15 rather than the standard 30 on entry. This allows us to build relationships very quickly with you and your child. 

Listening to Children

‘If we believe that children possess their own theories, interpretations and questions, and that they are co-protagonists in their knowledge-building processes, then the most important verb in educational practice is no longer to talk, to explain, to transmit, but to listen.’

Carlina Rinaldi, Reggio Emilia