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Key Stage 1

Children in Key Stage 1 are in the year groups 1 and 2 (aged 5-7). During this time the children will go from learning to read to reading to learn. Their spelling and writing will go from phonetically plausible to accuracy with reasoning or new knowledge. Children will have an incredibly secure understanding of base 10 so that they can manipulate numbers mentally and aid fluency.

Our wider curriculum is on a rolling two year programme to ensure all aspects are explored and covered. The children still have outdoor education on top of their PE time and daily running time, breaks and lunch break. Physical and mental wellbeing underpins learning.

Transition from Early Years to Key Stage 1 can be at times difficult for children. In their first 6 years alive they may have had many providers, carers and teachers. Here at Streatley we recognise that their interests and ownership of learning changes between Early Years and Yr1 and so we keep physical and social development as a focus to develop their relationships.

Our school size supports relationships and it helps the children to feel secure. When we have different specialists to support children in e.g. singing, French and violin, we support them by experiencing this with them.

Please visit our class pages for content specific learning detail to Yr1 and Yr2 at present. Under the tab labelled Pupils.